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We use only the best green, eco-friendly products, ensuring not only a spotless, fresh home, but one that smells great, and doesn't leave harmful toxic chemicals.
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Customer Reviews
4.8 star star star star star
825 reviews

  • star star star star star 5 5

    She was not given my phone number, so she had problems getting into the building

  • star star star star star 5 5

    She's great!

  • star star star star star 4 5

    She was great, overall, but missed important details. She didn't wipe down the surface of the fridge, microwave, or cabinets in the kitchen, and the countertops weren't very clean. I specified in my message that there are stairs leading to the ground floor that needed work, but they weren't touched on at all. She did a great job with my bedroom, although she didn't clean my computer monitors or wipe down much of my desk. The bathroom, upstairs hallway, and living area were all cleaned very well. This was good, but this was not the "deep clean" I paid this much for. Please be more thorough next time.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Very friendly. Did a great job!

  • star star star star star 4 5

    She did a good job in general, but left dishes in the sink and just didn't make the place shine like other cleaners have done.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    She was very thorough and stayed late to finish. The house is spotless. Thank you!

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Margarita did an amazing job from top to bottom! She cleaned under the bed, in the couches, etc. My bathroom has never looked this clean. The wood floors also look amazing. She was great! My only complaint is with the administration. I signed up for a deep clean only to be scheduled for a regular clean. Then when it was obvious from Margarita I needed a deep clean like I requested, then it was changed to a deep clean. I also think your prices are way too high. This is my first time using a cleaner in Boston but when I've done so in Chicago and NYC, $200 is something you pay for TWO cleaners who do the job in 2 hours.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Very Good!

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Medgie was respectful and professional. She did a great job and I was very pleased with the entire service from the moment I picked up the phone to call checkmaid until when my apartment was cleaned. I would've preferred a more rigorous cleaning though, however I should mention that this is just me; I'd scrub everything to deep clean surfaces, this is simply a pet peeve of mine. Medgie did a great job though and I'd highly recommend checkmaid to anyone.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    She was great!

  • star star star star star 5 5

    This is a college apartment. The potential renters who came to see the room commented how clean it was I thought they went to the wrong apartment no. It was that clean. Thank you for your service

  • star star star star star 5 5

    They were great, friendly, and did anything I asked for them to clean! I would definitely use this service again

  • star star star star star 4 5

    The cleaning was overall very good and the apartment looks sparkling--however, the fumes from the cleaning reagents are very strong and the room still smells 5 hours later (w/window opening). A trash can was used as a makeshift mop/detergent holder but that was not rinsed afterwards and had liquid at the bottom after the cleaning.

  • star star star star star 4 5

    The cleaners were over an hour late, but they did a good job within the time they stayed.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    She was fantastic! Could I have her be my weakly regular?

  • star star star star star 5 5


  • star star star star star 5 5

    Great job!

  • star star star star star 4 5

    Overall Genia did a great job! We were very happy with the service and are excited for our continued monthly service. Just a couple improvements could be made, I noticed the inside door of the oven was not cleaned (the rest of the oven looked great) and I had hoped for a more thorough cleaning of the shower and sink for the upstairs bathroom.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Very pleasant and efficient!

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Cleaning was great just please don't put large frying pans in dishwasher!

Commitment to our customers is what we care about here at check maid. To prove it, we have someone in your area making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. My number one priority is being as fair as possible to everyone. I enjoy making clients happy and getting homes cleaned.
Check Maid Cleaning
9 Appleton St #206
Boston, MA 02116

House cleaning in Boston, MA

Looking for an affordable, high-quality, convenient home cleaning service? You have come to the right place.

Check Maid is an industry leader in house cleaning & maid service in Boston, servicing the greater area for over 6 years. Our goal for you is two-fold—to free up your time and provide with you a clean home. Scheduling a cleaning takes a matter of minutes. If you are ready to get started, simply input your zipcode or give us a call.

If you would like to learn more, and how it benefits you, keep reading!

We care about your home and your time

Check Maid may be a cleaning company, but we like to think of ourselves as time creators. House cleaning is one of the things all of us absolutely must do to keep healthy and stress-free environments for ourselves, but it takes significant time away from other activities.

And while it sounds easy to get that time back by paying someone else to do it instead, what generally happens is not always the desired outcome. If you have ever tried scheduling a maid service before, you may be familiar with the typical pitfalls; scheduling mishaps, no-shows, rude and unhelpful customer service, and other unnecessary incidents.

Here at Check Maid we have designed our entire service around not only providing you with a clean, fresh home, but also making the entire experience as convenient and simple as possible. After all, what is the point of hiring a cleaner if the time spent dealing with the company outweighs the time it would have taken to clean the place up yourself?

Proper home cleaning is significantly harder than most people give due credit, but the process of paying for such a service should be as simple as pie. After a lot of cleanings and years of trying different methods, our service has your convenience and best wishes “baked in”.

This is also the reason our teams come in pairs and bring all supplies. Keeping things simple, convenient, and efficient, is how we like to operate, and when it comes to cleaning two sets of hands and eyes is much, much better than one.

Your home will be treated like it is our own

Our cleaning teams all come from backgrounds in the industry, many working for hotels and/or other maid services. They have thousands of hours of practice and experience. They enjoy what they do, and it truly shows. Your home will look better than you have ever seen it.

As a company, we put a significant amount of resources into vetting our employees as well. All of our cleaners are nationally background checked to ensure we work with responsible, upstanding individuals, and that your home is in great hands. Many of our clients prefer to not be present during the cleaning, and as such we take great precaution to make sure all parties are safe and that the service will go as expected.

You want a full service guarantee? You’ve got it

We have a no questions asked policy—that is, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your maid service, we will provide a re-clean or refund without a fuss.

This guarantee exists as part of our commitment to your convenience. While we hope our reputation proceeds itself, sometimes spots are missed and need to be re-cleaned. Sometimes a refund is in order. Transparency is key to a long-term relationship, and our goal is to be your home cleaning provider for as long as you need one!

Have more questions? We’re happy to help

We are ever only an email or phone call away. Depending on what you prefer, you may email us or give us a call (617) 500-2075. Our offices are open 7 days a week, 8am-5pm.