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We use only the best green, eco-friendly products, ensuring not only a spotless, fresh home, but one that smells great, without the toxic chemicals.
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  • star star star star star 5 5

    Linda and Glenda are AMAZING! Today is New Years Eve -- they showed up even though Linda's car broke down and they saved me. Thorough, meticulous, kind -- they worked so hard. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Those two ladies are gems. The house looks, and smells, amazing.

  • star star star star 1 5

    Very dissatisfied with the cleaning; even after the cleaning there were dust on the cabinets, toothpaste marks on the floor etc. That combined with scheduling issues has left me quite frustrated. Why am I paying above market rates to Checkmaid if I have to deal with such scheduling issues and sub par cleaning...

  • star star star star star 5 5

    User didn't leave a comment

  • star star star star 2 5

    Apparently 2 of the 3 women that were supposed to show up had an emergency? The one woman who showed up brought her husband. She was very nice and worked very hard. They were at our house for over 4 hours. I asked her to focus on the main bathroom, which she did and it showed. She did a great job but I think I would've rated her team better if all 3 cleaning ladies showed up and did a better job on the rest of the house.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    OMG! I mean we cleaned before they arrived and just expected dusting and mopping and such.....But these ladies went the extra mile. Cleaned and polished our kitchen cabinets, polished our granite, cleaned our natural stone floors, put fresh linens on the bed. I mean they cleaned DEEP! We will be arranging monthly service for sure!

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Chrisitne and joe are really great and detailed

  • star star star star star 5 5

    User didn't leave a comment

  • star star star star star 5 5

    I'm so happy with their work

  • star star star star star 5 5

    User didn't leave a comment

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Linda was on time, professional and courteous. thank you.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Linda and Brenda did a WONDERFUL job at my house! I really appreciate their hard-working attitude! They are very nice and easy to communicate with. I would like to have them come again and help me out.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    User didn't leave a comment

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Linda and Brenda were awesome! Will definitely request them again. Punctual, polite, thorough and finished on time, they did a fantastic job!

  • star star star star star 5 5

    User didn't leave a comment

  • star star star star 4 5

    My team was not linda. The first team did not show. I had to contact help at check maid to get another set. The first was a no show and no call. the four star is for ambers team who came at noon.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Christina's team went above and beyond--they re caulked my sink and fixed my toilet seat! They did a great job cleaning and were very thorough and sweet.

  • star star star star 3 5

    The floor in my kitchen has dirty mop swirls on it. The vacuum in my garage was moved, so I'm wondering if that was used to vacuum. It is an old vacuum that I only use for my garage. I understood that you bring your own equipment for cleaning? I also noticed that something had been moved in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, and I'm not sure why that was opened? The rest of the house was nicely cleaned. The team who did my first three cleanings left the house spotless, so I was disappointed with this cleaning. Is there any way you can schedule the team who did my first three cleanings to do the regular cleaning at my home? Thanks for your attention. Mary Jo Bosteels 1717 Winston Street San Jose, 95131

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Very nice, as usual

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Please always send Christine's team if possible.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Great job cleaning! Izaac was so helpful and professional! Thanks!

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Commitment to our customers is what we care about here at check maid. To prove it, we have someone in your area making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. My number one priority is being as fair as possible to everyone. I enjoy making clients happy and getting homes cleaned.
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Your new favorite San Jose, CA cleaning service

In this day and age of hustle and bustle and not quite having enough time to do everything, there are things that suffer, most notably, your house cleaning. We all wish our home looked and smelled perfect, but it's usually not the case, that's why Check Maid exists, to do the huge chores you don't have the time or maybe the ability to do yourself.

Our top-of-the-line service maids in San Jose have been well trained to get your home spick and span, and better yet, they are insured and bonded, taking the anxiety and worry out of your day. There are several benefits of Check Maid that will make choosing them easier than ever.

Among a promise of a thoroughly clean and clutter-free home, our maid service specializes in two-person teams, who take less time but double the effort to ensure your home is cleaned to your satisfaction and then some.

When you choose Check Maid, you can count on two sets of eyes who will scrutinize each other's work, ensuring their house cleaning meets yours and their expectations. Our maid services include:

  • Online scheduling - House cleaning done when you want it and friendly reminders before we come out, giving you ample notice for our arrival
  • Eco-friendly green products - Have kids or pets and worry about their safety with toxic chemicals? No need to worry with our cleaning services, since we have teams who only use green products without the toxic chemical fumes, leaving your home smelling naturally fresh. When you book your cleaning, just ask for our full-green team.
  • No hidden fees or contracts - When we quote you a fee, it doesn't change, so no hidden charges will ever be incurred when you use our cleaning services.
  • Trained service maids - Our employees are trained by the top trainers in our company, as well as background-checked, so you can be rest assured the maids who enter your home are honest and display integrity.
  • Flexible scheduling - Need a maid to clean only on the weekends? What if you go away on vacation and would like a clean home to return to? Check Maid has it covered. Just let us know when you will be away and when you will be returning. When you arrive back home, you can continue your R&R, knowing our maid service has done all the work.
  • Same two-team persons every time - San Jose maids will always remain the same, each and every time they visit your home, so you can develop a good working relationship with the same two people. Who knows? Maybe you could even develop a friendship.

As you can see, there are many benefits in choosing our excellent, well-trained maid service.

Maid service without the hassles

Scheduling your cleaning service shouldn't be a game of tag, "you're it," where getting a time set up becomes a chore, which is why we have several ways of contacting us and guaranteeing you will be serviced promptly. Because we understand your time is valuable, we have set it so our service includes every day, even Sunday, and ten hours a day. We also offer live chat on our website until 8:00 p.m. for any questions or concerns you may have and for a free estimate!

Our cleaning services cover a plethora of home-care needs, which includes living spaces, such as family and living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, dens, and kitchens. We also offer cleaning service of hallways, staircases, table-tops, and electronics. Our excellent maids will also do the dishes if needed and other non-listed services. Just let us know and we can accommodate your needs.

Our maid services extend to cleaning up clutter, vacuuming and mopping, as well as tough jobs like tubs, refrigerator, other appliances, and outside of cabinet cleaning. Additional add-ons include laundry service and cleaning inside of your fridge and oven.

In each room, we offer dusting, cleaning door knobs and light switches, window ledges and blinds, baseboards, vacuuming and mopping, along with light moving and replacing furniture. We also leave the room smelling fresh and not laden with harsh, harmful chemicals.

No need worrying about providing supplies. Our service maids bring their own! No need to furnish a vacuum or mop or any cleaning supplies, even paper towels are our maid's responsibility. Talk about service!

We also offer moving in and moving out maid service, so you get your well-deserved deposit returned and returning discounts of up to 15% for weekly cleaning of your new home. What more could you ask for? Well, we also offer a 200% guarantee that once we're finished with your home, it will be the cleanest and freshest smelling it's ever been or your money back! That's right. If you're not satisfied with our cleaning services, although we know you will be, we will issue a refund. No questions asked, except we would love to know what went wrong so we can fix it.

Never do house cleaning again

San Jose families are busy and sometimes a vacation is warranted, so while you're away soaking up the sun in Maui or taking in the sights and sites of Rome, we can get to work on your home, ensuring it's spotless when you arrive. That's just another great service we provide. You just leave your key under a mat or in the mailbox and your worries are over.

While you're gone on vacation or at work, our two-person team will take about an hour per room to ensure you get the best treatment for your home. Our maids usually offer a personal touch to their work, such as a freshener or other gesture of gratitude for trusting us with your personal belongings.

We value your time, so we ensure you get the best service available and prompt addressing of your needs. We take pride in our work and want you to feel the same. You can contact us through email, phone or online, as well as live chat, as mentioned above. We also offer specific times, so you're not stuck at home for two hours or more, waiting for maids to come. We guarantee a precise time and if there's ever any problems our maids encounter, we will promptly let you know. That's our promise to you.

As mentioned above, we strive to have the same two-person team clean your home, but if we ever encounter a problem, we will promptly let you know, so you're aware of the situation and no surprises will meet you.

Another great service we provide is the ease and ability of scheduling your cleaning appointment. All you need to do is provide your zip code and put in how many rooms you want cleaned. Immediately, you will be quoted a price to clean your home. It's that easy. Once you receive your price, we would love to hear from you. Remember, we guarantee a spotless and fresh-smelling clean home or your money back, but we are confident that your experience with Check Maid will be unforgettable and you will use us time and time again.

You really can't go wrong with our maid service, so contact us today for a free estimate and we sincerely hope to hear from you soon.